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186 Uses for Virgin Coconut Oil

  1. Cooking oil, use Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) in place of any other cooking oils. Try these great recipes for Flax Almond Chicken  and Mushroom Dill Sauce – they’re delish!
  2. Makes the best popcorn ever! It’s great melted and with salt or in a cast-iron skillet for popping.
  3. Use instead of butter in baking or as a spread on toast (in solid form).
  4. Add to your coffee or hot chocolate to add flavour instead of artificial whiteners or dairy.
  5. Salad Dressings: Virgin Coconut Oil can be consumed raw on salads
  6. Add energy boost to beverages like in smoothies.
  7. Simply a spoonful three times a day is all you need to gain the health benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil. (Promotes healthy thyroid function, heart health, reduces diabetes).
  8. Stable Carrier Oil for other dietary supplements. Can be combined with Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oils and taken orally in a capsule or by spoon.
  9. The best skin moisturizer I’ve ever used! VCO is great at healing eczema, psoriasis, and other skin irritations.
  10. Use a lotion bar with Virgin Coconut Oil for extra long lasting smooth skin – naturally.
  11. Natural Thyroid treatment: Coconut can help restore normal thyroid function
  12. Treatment of hives
  13. Use natural deodorants that contain Virgin Coconut Oil – excellent for sensitive skin and very hypoallergenic. 
  14. Use instead of Diaper cream – it is safe and effective for babies gentle skin without harmful chemicals.
  15. To lighten age spots when applied directly on the skin.
  16. Rub on belly to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy.
  17. A delicate coconut tasting massage oil.
  18. Natural diuretic – helps treat constipation
  19. Add to peppermint or ginger tea to soothes symptoms of IBS
  20. It is high in Lauric Acid which boosts metabolism and promotes weight loss. We have clients who tell us they’ve lost weight by just using coconut oil to their diet instead of any other oils.
  21. Slather on your baby after bathing to moisturise and soothe skin.
  22. Use in sauces instead of butter, especially good in curries and stir-fries.
  23. Dab a very small amount into the palm of your hand and rub it through the ends of your hair as a de-frizzer and detangler.
  24. Use coconut oil in your Quinoa Granola. Crunchy, clusters of coco-nutty goodness!
  25. Virgin Coconut Oil is a natural makeup remover without the harsh alcohol and chemicals.
  26. Aftershave for men & women – sensitive skin
  27. As a supplement to strengthens immune system
  28. Heals bruised, sore muscles – promotes healing and fights infections (anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-viral properties). 
  29. Great hot oil treatment – promotes healthy scalp and hair growth
  30. Promotes healthy skin (treats psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema and other skin infections).
  31. Biofuel/biodiesel – perfect if you live in a tropical country!
  32. Treatment of genital warts
  33. Immediate energy source – add to granola, hot cereals, raw desserts.
  34. Enhance texture and flavour of cooked and raw foods.
  35. Rub on feet to kill fungus and athlete’s foot along with Infection Essential Oil Blend
  36. Alzheimer’s Disease – Dr. Mary Newport, after failing to get treatment for her husband’s dementia, discovered that coconut oil contained natural medium-chain triglyceride (MCT). She gave her husband 1 tbsp. of coconut oil twice a day for a month and a half and saw him almost completely recovered. See YouTube for video interviews with Dr. Mary Newport.
  37. Prevent sticking in cooking or baking.
  38. As a nutritional supplement to prevent and treat Diabetes. Improves insulin secretion and utilization of blood glucose making it great for both diabetics and nondiabetic.
  39. Add some to your toothbrush along with your tooth oil to stop tooth decay and strengthen teeth.
  40. To soothe the itch of stinging nettle or chicken pox
  41. Use as an intensive nighttime facial moisturizer – place an old towel on your pillow!
  42. Use directly on perineum after childbirth to help healing
  43. Helps prevent and treat parasitic infections
  44. Research has found VCO to help prevent osteoporosis because it helps in the nutrient absorption of minerals such as calcium and magnesium. Add to your regular diet as a supplement.
  45. Improves digestions and prevents IBS
  46. Healthy for kidney, liver.
  47. Add it to foods and body care products to extend shelf life.
  48. In homemade Mayonnaise 
  49. As a daily supplement to help prevent and treat Neurological Disorders (depression, ADHD, Insomnia, Autism, the list goes on and on)
  50. Virgin Coconut Oil is a natural sunblock – use it to increase sun tolerance and avoid burning
  51. As a natural SPF 4 sunscreen (protects against burning while giving a light tan)
  52. VCO has also been shown to destroy organisms in the body that sap its strength and contribute to the condition of chronic fatigue.
  53. Jet fuel (that might get rather expensive don’t you think?)
  54. Mix with brown sugar for a fantastic sugar scrub in the bath
  55. To treat cradle cap – gently massage on baby’s head
  56. To topically kill yeast or yeast infections along with Infection Essential Oil Blend
  57. Coat hair thoroughly, wrap hair up in a bun and cover your hair with plastic wrap and a towel for a couple of hours as an amazing hot oil treatment. Wash hair thoroughly
  58. Rub on nipples before or after breastfeeding to soothe tender skin, great for baby too!
  59. Combine with apple cider vinegar to treat head lice
  60. When ingested some evidence suggest Coconut Oil can kill parasites or internal yeast
  61. To reduce the itch from mosquito bites
  62. Reduces stress on pancreas (coconut oil reduces need for pancreatic enzymes and hormones)
  63. Antibacterial properties help fight colds & flu.
  64. It is probably the most gentle facial moisturizer you’ll ever find. A little goes a long way so just a small amount is great for even oily skin or acne.
  65. As a replacement for liquid vegetable oils in any recipe.
  66. Use topically to reduce the appearance of varicose veins.
  67. After initial pain and heat are gone, can be used to heal sunburn.
  68. Coat fresh eggs to use as a natural egg preserver.
  69. Use instead of other fats to avoid extra weight gain – the body recognizes VCO (Virgin Coconut Oil) as energy and does not store it as fat like butter or margarine.
  70. Use as an udder balm for goats, cows, and other animals.
  71. Natural exfoliant on skin.
  72. Natural personal lubricant – that tastes good too! Not compatible with latex.
  73. Natural Energy Food – Quickly and easily absorbed by cells and converted into energy.
  74. A natural antibacterial hand cream
  75. To season cast iron fry skillets
  76. Stop bleeding of wounds
  77. To soften or condition leather
  78. Mixed with salt to remove dry skin on feet
  79. Use on your pets externally for skin and shiny coats
  80. Feed it to your pets to increase their health and vitality. One client told us that he gave it to his 12-year-old cat and saw dramatic changes in well-being in a very short time.
  81. Fights off candida when taken regularly.
  82. Dissolve grease under fingernails
  83. As a supplement – VCO has saturated fat (lauric acid) that has been shown to increases the good HDL cholesterol in the blood to help improve cholesterol ratio levels
  84. Soothes dry, chapped lips with a light coconut flavour.
  85. Helps prevent and treat viral infections.
  86. When applied topically, prevents sagging and wrinkles.
  87. It has been suggested to try eating a teaspoon of VCO to beat sugar cravings. This is because good quality fat is more satiating than carbs, so if you cut down on sugar you will feel less ‘ravenous’
  88. Shortens recovery time after surgery
  89. Flea, tick, and mite repellent for your pets
  90. Natural remedy for pneumonia – In a study presented before The American College of Chest Physicians on October 29, 2008, coconut oil was found to offer pneumonia patients faster and more complete relief from symptoms.
  91. Protects against cancer and HIV and other infectious diseases
  92. Soothes earaches
  93. Butter Substitute – use 1 cup to 1 cup ratio when replacing butter in recipes with coconut oil – even in baking!
  94. Strengthens the liver and protects against degeneration
  95. Deals with symptoms connected with prostate enlargement
  96. Kills bacteria and parasites like tapeworm and liver flukes
  97. Expel or kill intestinal parasites in animals
  98. Remove labels from bottles (acts and an adhesive solvent)
  99. Eases acid reflux, aids in proper bowel function
  100. Lowers incidence of hemorrhoids
  101. Heals and relieves intestinal problems
  102. Useful in removing makeup and lipstick from clothing and carpeting
  103. Reduces incidence of epileptic seizures
  104. Reduces joint and muscle inflammation
  105. Use Laundry Detergent made with Virgin Coconut Oil as a natural, chemical-free detergent. It is low sudsing and safe for HE machines.
  106. Eases neuropathies and itching from diabetes
  107. Rub on fingertips to soften cuticles
  108. Prevent birds from picking skin and feathers
  109. Stress Relief – relieve mental fatigue by applying coconut oil to the head in a circular, massaging motion. The natural aroma of coconuts is extremely soothing thus helping to lower your stress level.
  110. Chewing gum remover (can dissolve gum stuck in hair, carpet, clothing, or shoe)
  111. Eases digestive and malabsorption disorders such as Crohn’s disease, IBS, etc.
  112. Use it to prepare your skin before you shave. 
  113. Melt VCO and add to berries, honey and vanilla. Freeze in ice cube trays and enjoy a refreshing summer treat.
  114. Oil pulling, the process of swishing oil in your mouth, has powerful detoxing results. Some report that oil pulling has cured chronic diseases. Plus, it makes your breath fresh and teeth white. Remember to only use Virgin or Extra-Virgin Coconut Oil (all other coconut oils, including organic has been extracted with solvents).
  115. Use in your homemade toothpaste – mix coconut oil and baking soda into a paste. Add a few drops of tooth oil (Therapeutic-Grade only). Done.
  116. Replacement for butter/lard/Crisco/PAM in its solid form for greasing pans, pie crusts, etc.
  117. Speeds the healing of circumcision
  118. Make your own chocolate chips for a handful of coconut glory!

  119. Helps prevent and treat fungal and yeast infections
  120. Use instead of other oils when baking potatoes, it makes fantastic sweet potato fries!
  121. Use it as a natural hand degreaser
  122. Season wooden cutting boards
  123. Treat pink eye (apply around and in the eye)
  124. Fortify your infant’s foods
  125. Replacement for various oils in liquid form – baking, cooking, sautéing, etc.
  126. Decongestant – rub coconut oil on the chest and under the nose when congested from a cold or allergies
  127. Speed healing of laceration, road rash
  128. Improve absorption of nutrients (vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fat-soluble phytonutrients)
  129. Prevent vitamin/mineral deficiencies (enhances nutritional value of foods)
  130. Great for dogs and cats for general wellness. Just add a teaspoon to their water or food bowl daily.
  131. Enhance fetal growth and brain development
  132. Helps heal damage caused by Celiac Disease, improving nutrient absorption
  133. Improves insulin sensitivity
  134. Moderates glucose release into bloodstream
  135. Soften cracked, calloused heels
  136. Helps improve absorption of nutrients after partial surgical removal of the stomach or intestine
  137. Improve shine on the coat of animals.
  138. Used in parenteral nutrition (delivered by IV to prevent muscle breakdown in critically ill patients)
  139. Reduces pain and fever
  140. Clear acne – remember a little bit goes a long way. If your face is greasy you are using too much!
  141. Used in enteral nutrition (nutrients delivered to patients by tube feeding)
  142. Reduces stress on pancreas (coconut oil reduces need for pancreatic enzymes and hormones)
  143. Rust inhibitor
  144. Nosebleeds – coconut oil can prevent nose bleeding that is caused by sensitivity to weather such as extreme heat and extreme cold. This condition happens when the nasal passages become dry because of cold or dry air resulting to burns and cracks in the mucus membranes so bleeding happens. To prevent this just put coconut oil in your nostrils. Coat your finger with coconut oil and then lie down and coat your finger inside your nose. Doing this will strengthen and protect the capillaries in the nasal passages. A Vitamin C supplement will also help prevent nose bleeding.
  145. Improves gallbladder function
  146. Improves sperm motility and fertility
  147. Helps prevent and treat bacterial infections
  148. Soothes and speeds healing of tattoos
  149. Helps stop bleeding from small wounds
  150. Makes fantastic Shampoo Bar that lathers and cleans well.
  151. Can be used as oil lamp fuel
  152. Speeds healing from trauma or injury
  153. Nausea – rub some coconut oil on the inside for the wrist and forearm to calm an upset stomach.
  154. Effective in healing carpal tunnel when combined with a Carpal Tunnel Essential Oil Blend and massage.
  155. Acute poisoning (antidote for numerous environmental, industrial, and biological toxins)
  156. Anti-inflammatory
  157. Wood polish
  158. Seasoning animal hide drums.
  159. Apply to treat spider, sand fly, ant, and other insect bites
  160. Helps sedentary dogs feel energetic.
  161. Useful for the treatment of chronic and genetic conditions such as asthma, allergies.
  162. Protects the liver from the effects of alcohol and drug abuse and infection
  163. Treatment of menstrual irregularities
  164. Polish for bronze.
  165. Reduces or eliminate bad breath in dogs
  166. Reduce side effects of conventional cancer treatments (chemotherapy/radiation therapy)
  167. Use as a carrier oil for medications
  168. Use to improve lipid-based drugs solubility in water
  169. Dissolves and removes ear wax
  170. Remove bad breath in your pets (doggy breath)
  171. Apply it to wrinkles, it prevents premature ageing of skin
  172. Removes warts/moles
  173. Hairstyling agent (apply a small amount to hair for a healthy, glossy look)
  174. Scar remover
  175. Soap made with Virgin Coconut Oil makes the highest quality, natural disinfectant, antimicrobial, lathers up even in saltwater.
  176. Add about 1/4 cup to your bath water and enjoy a luxurious soak.
  177. Use as a lubricant on small motors and electronics.
  178. Put it on your kitten’s paws to cut down on hairballs.
  179. Cheekbone highlighter – apply a small amount on cheekbones after makeup
  180. Great for all Gluten-Free and Vegan recipes.
  181. Treat baldness – apply three times a day to affected area of hair loss. Coconut oil supports cell regeneration.
  182. Mole remover – when applied after an apple cider vinegar compress for several weeks, moles have been known to “slide off” or just disappear.
  183. Pre-shave – coconut oil will prep skin and ensure a smooth, silky shave.
  184. Strengthen bones and teeth – coconut oil aids in the absorption of calcium and magnesium leading to better development of bones and teeth. Just add a bit to your toothbrush.
  185. Fitness – coconut oil has been proven to stimulate your metabolism, improve thyroid function and escalate energy levels, all of which help decrease your unwanted fat while increasing muscle.
  186. Make Raw Salted Almond Bars – your family will LOVE them!


I’m always looking for new ways to use Virgin Coconut Oil, if I’ve missed something, let me know! I will be adding to my list as I continue to find new uses for Coconut Oil.

Remember, don’t just use Coconut Oil – make sure you buy ONLY VIRGIN or EXTRA-VIRGIN Coconut Oil. Anything else has been expressed with solvents like n-hexane (even Certified Organic and GMO Coconut Oil can be adulterated – so read your labels and know your stuff!)





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