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Riverstone Studios - Off-Grid Living
Riverstone Studios - off-grid1

The day we purchased our land.

In 2007, our family of four embarked on a life long journey to become self-sufficient. We left our corporate lives, in search of a simple life, strongly connected to one another and the natural world around us. I don’t think we knew what ‘self-sufficient’ meant, but that didn’t matter, we are dreamers…so we dream big! We’ve since built a 576 sq ft straw bale, off-grid guest house/studio, heated primarily with wood and powered by Saskatchewan Prairie wind and sunshine. We’ve sustainably and gratefully raised miniature cows, various types of pigs, chickens, turkeys and adopted a pony. We’ve planted thousands of prairie bushes and trees on very nominal pasture land, collecting rocks and fossils. We share the land with baby bunnies, families of mice, garter snakes, white-tailed deer, moose, and boreal owls.

Riverstone Studios - Off-Grid Living

Riverstone Studios – finishing straw-bale walls – fall 2014

We build, work, learn and travel together …

We are presently building a 2000 sq ft Straw-Light-Clay, off-grid home on our acreage, while planting hundreds of saplings each year, harvesting dead and fallen wood in the nearby brush, following nature’s example in landscaping, developing healthy soil, water drainage, and land reclamation. Together, we care for and plant natural prairie grasses, shrubs and trees, vegetable gardens and fish ponds, preserve fall garden harvest, raise chickens, and harvest wild herbs. We live, work and learn together in all that we do.

Riverstone Studios - Off-Grid Living

Riverstone Studios – Homeschool Science – building lights for trade-show display

Homeschooling our two boys is very practical and hands-on as we live in this beautiful natural space and operate our family business. Riverstone Naturals is our family business where we develop, produce, package and label over 40 natural body care products. We sell our products through local delivery (within 130 km), an online shop and each year we travel an average of 50 days, to meet our clients face-to-face at some of Canada’s largest handmade craft and health & wellness shows.

Our wish for this blog is not only to record this crazy ride for those throwback moments we all enjoy but also to stay connected to people like you…to share our journey’s, learn together and encourage one another…to be part of a community.

In gratitude,

Riverstone Studios - Off-Grid Living

Riverstone Studios – Kelly & Audrey

Audrey & Kelly

For a history of our construction check out Leaving the Grid – old blog

For more info on building techniques, life-hacks etc. see our Youtube Channel

To visit our on-line shop click

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  1. Michelle

    Did you finish your home? If so were you happy using the cement stucco finishes? Are there any video links to see the finished house?

    1. Kelly & Audrey (Post author)

      Hi Michelle, Our guest house is done and living in, but our dream home (round one) is still a work in progress. We’ve got all the walls in and closed up but nowhere close to being finished. We will post some updated videos of our lives in the next week or two. Definitely happy with the cement stucco. Compared to some friends that used straight lime/sand, the cement holds up much better to our elements. After 4 years, we have a couple of surface cracks but nothing to bring concern.

  2. Wallace


    I think I’ve been through every website I can find on the CSLP and Craik Ecovillage. The history. I read your entire Blog, and have read as many other things as I could get my hands on.

    Congratulations on getting at least part of it finished so you can start your lives out there. If I were there now I would help you guys get the rest finished at no cost.

    However, I am having some difficulties. The Websites links, half of them don’t work. I have sent e-mails to the addresses on the websites Town of Craik and CSLP and haven’t received any replies yet. I am trying to find information on applying to get a plot there and such. No luck.

    Would you happen to know who I get in contact with on those things? I was on the Facebook Site and saw one of the main leaders in the project had died this year, I am sorry for the community’s loss :(.

    Any information you could provide that could help me on my way to getting more information on how to apply and such would be great!

    Keep up the great work! God bless! Merry Christmas! I’ll visit back a couple of times a week to see if you’ve responded. Thanks for your time! Take care!

  3. Wallace

    I forgot to ask can I get your products shipped to Ontario?

    1. Kelly & Audrey (Post author)

      Hi Wallace,

      Thank you for checking out our blog. When we began our journey, we found lots of “idealistic blogs” where everything was sunshine and roses…and we really wanted to be more raw and real so people would know what challenges there are with starting from scratch and taking chances. We are very much settled and regarding the large house we are building, we could easily finish it in a year…and pay for it over the next 30…but that’s just not the way we think any longer. We pushed hard to build our acreage from an empty alfalfa field and build with the cash in our pockets (without holding back on giving our kids a really great life financially) all while continuing to invest in our own company…which makes for a slow build – but an incredible life together as a family.

      Regarding our Body Care products, yes, we ship through all of North America. We ship lots to Ontario on a regular basis. Delivery is typically about 4-5 days via Canada Post.

      Regarding the Eco-Village here in Craik…long story short, many have come and many have left. There are a handful of us who have carved out new lives for ourselves, but unfortunately, as far as I know, the lots are all sold. Many are half built or not started and unfortunately, the Municipality had sold the land with no stipulations on build time. It’s a bit of a frustration from the standpoint that after 10 years there are still land disputes over titles with some who actually want to be here, and others who have left, are now difficult to track down which means claiming back the land and unpaid back taxes may take years for the Municipality. A saving grace is that this year we have a new Reeve and an excellent administrator. You can try calling the RM of Craik 222 office and ask about any land for sale either by the RM or private in the Eco-Village. I won’t post any phone #s here, but a Google search for RM of Craik, SK should do you well. I can send you phone numbers as well if you email us through our website. (This blog is built in WordPress which is terrible for spammers grabbing addresses and phone #s for automated calls). Wishing you an incredible and very Merry Christmas! – Kelly


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