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Rawnola & More

Rawnola, macaroons, truffles, and more deliciously raw, vegan, gluten-free bites!

Home-made Almond Milk

No one in our family does well with milk…we all have varying degrees of intolleranct towards this deliciously creamy staple to the SAD (Standard American Diet). We have found a few alternatives, but almond milk seems to be the family…
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Avocado Spread/Dip – A.K.A Mayo-Substitute

Riverstone Studios

  With a multitude of allergies and food sensitivities in our family, I’ve had to come up with a few alternate food choices. It is time to come up with an alternative to Mayonnaise ! There is just one hitch.…
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Salted Almond Bars

Riverstone Studios - almonds, sea salt & organic vanilla

I’m always excited when I find another way to add coconut oil and GREAT food into my families diet. Riverstone Studios recently attended a Health & Wellness Show where I led a workshop sharing 186+ Uses for Coconut Oil (click to…
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Raw Almond Nutella

Riverstone Studios - Raw Almond Nutella

Raw Almond Nutella is easy to make, not to mention nutritious and satisfying for that chocolate crave! Wondering through the kitchen this afternoon looking for a quick snack, I grabbed a banana and almond nut butter. As I passed the…
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