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Brush with Bamboo

It really does not matter whether I brush my teeth with plastic or bamboo. In the larger picture of ¬†life, it is really silly to think so seriously of such a thing. Or is it? Don’t get me wrong, we…
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186 Uses for Virgin Coconut Oil

Cooking oil, use Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) in place of any other cooking oils. Try these great recipes for Flax Almond Chicken¬† and Mushroom Dill Sauce – they’re delish! Makes the best popcorn ever! It’s great melted and with salt…
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Tooth Oil & Dental Health

Our family stopped using tooth paste a year ago and our gums and teeth are actually healthier! No “Natural” tooth paste, baking soda, salt crystals, charcoal, or peroxide! We tried the more “Natural” commercial toothpastes and alternatives but found that…
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Toxins Around Us – What’s Absorbing You?

Did you know the largest organ in your body is actually outside of your body? Your skin, which we all take for granted as a tough little coating of armour that protects us from all the bad nasty’s we throw…
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