Living A Natural Life

Unschooling Homeschool

Unschooling homeschool…Loving every moment of discovery, exploration, and expression…Life is learning…learning is life!

How to Live a Sustainable Life

Living a Sustainable Life

Our family decided to go “off-grid” and live a “sustainable”, “eco”, and “green” life 10 years ago now. When we began our journey, it was about a house – straw bale to be exact…then it became about reclaiming our acreage…
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Life is NOT Trying to Screw You

Kelly Taylor-Faye

Sometimes life throws you lemons…I call bullsh@! to that one! The fancy pants that came up with that slogan must have lived a “glass half full” kind of life. That’s not me. I just had what I would classify as one…
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Beautyfull Chaos – New Book Available

Beautyfull Chaos

If you are sick and tired of being, well…sick and tired, this might be a good read for you. Told from both sides of the story, this 220-page book takes you on a roller coaster of a ride through the…
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“Un-School” Division, Trig & Geometry

Riverstone Studios

    With a genuine desire to understand how we homeschool, people often ask us the following question: 1. “How do you teach your children if you don’t copy public school at home?”   It is never easy to answer…
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