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We run our company by some pretty simple rules: 1. We use what we make and sell, and 2. It’s gotta work and work well! Here is what some of our customers think about the products:

Cause you rock at it!!…

You have wonderful products! I have been using silk now for 4 years and wouldn’t use anything else as a face cream! Keep doing what you guys do, cause you rock at it!!

Michelle Schultz from Sooke, BC


Crazy about the shampoo!!…

Luv your stuff; especially the lotion. And my hubby is crazy about the shampoo!!   I’m still amazed how your deodorant works. I’ve always been a sweater and once used prescription deodorant. Since I started in October I haven’t used regular deodorant since. Thanks again.
Robin H. from Spirit River, AB

It Helped My Knee tremendously

At the Regina Our Best to You Christmas Craft Sale, I purchased your essential oil blend for Inflammation. It helped my knee tremendously. I would like to purchase some more. How can I do that?

Danalda K from Regina, SK


Tracey R. from Winnipeg, MB


Totally Blown Away…

Kelly and Audrey, I received the gift you guys sent and was totally blown away! I cried, the kids thought I had lost my mind! Haha! Loving the new stuff! The body butter especially is amazing! I went to an Arbonne party and the whole time I kept thinking I am getting better stuff for 1/6 of the price! I did not want to say that to the others until after the party! Spreading the word! Thank you so much, you totally made my day / week / month!

Tracey R. from Winnipeg, MB


Your Products Rock…

Your products rock! So excited to find your site. Easy to use also, Thanx again.

Roxanne F


Please continue in your great work…

I am thankful for your commitment to your customer’s health and the environment and your use of glass. Please continue in your great work! I am sure your business will continue to grow and flourish as more and more people realize the value of quality, non toxic products and how important they are to our overall health. Thanks also for the great customer serice. Have a great day.

Lisa T. – Saskatchewan


We love what you are doing and what you stand for…

We were introduced to you and your products in Winnipeg at the Convention Centre Christmas sale. And…I can’t tell you how delighted we are that we came across you! We love what you are doing and what you stand for. My daughter and I purchased your deodorant and LOVE it. We told my sister-in-law about it and she ordered it. My mom now loves it too. And I am about to order one for a girlfriend. A great product almost speaks for itself! Keep up the great work! PS We also love your shaving soap!

Catherine B. from Winnipeg, MB


Seriously amazing…

Your tooth oil is seriously amazing!!! Brushing my teeth has become a moment of self-indulgence and looooove.

Mandy M. – Medicine Hat


Love your products…

Thanks for coming to Winnipeg. We love your products.

Paula S. – Winnipeg, MB


It is the only thing that has work for me this far…

I purchased the Inflammation Essential Oil when you were in Edmonton at the butterdome craft show. I’ve had chronic back pain as a result of being rear ended in a motor vehicle accident about 3 And a half years ago. I have spent thousands in essential oils throughout this period and decided to give the inflammation oil a try. I loved the oil and its scent and on top of that it is the only thing that has work for me this far. Rest assured I will be a customer for life. Even my massage therapist has noticed a significant change since I start using this oil. I have given her your website and she is looking into carrying your oil at her massage studio. I look forward to seeing you at the butterdome show in the spring.

Irene C. – Edmonton, AB


Still loving your products…

Still loving your products! Thanks for all you guys put into your company! Wishing you and your family well.

Catherine B. – Winnipeg, MB




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