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How To Make The Best Smoothies

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When it comes to smoothies there is no ONE way to make the best smoothie…ironic isn’t it! Just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder… so is the best smoothie in the hand of the ….drinker?

I’ve looked at a zillion recipes and tried all sorts of things, but I always seem to go back to a handful of favourite ingredients. My husband tells me I’m a “vanilla” kinda gal. He may be right! As you can see from my list smoothie recipies that I like to keep things simple. As most of you, I have many things I want to do in my day, and a quick, healthy breakfast is most satisfying. I like to blend and go! (Thank God for my Vitamix, Bullet and juicer!)

Now if you are making smoothies someone in your family with different tastes (NOT like I know anything about that!) …don’t throw out the baby with the bath water! All you have to do is start with simple solutions to adjust their tastebuds to the new flavours and textures and then add more ingredients in one at a time. For example: I have a VERY texture oriented child who has never liked anything resembling milkshakes, puddings, etc so the idea of a smoothie nearly always causes him to gag! So, I usually stick to fresh fruit juice or green juices with two or three ingredients and large bowls of fruit salad instead of a smoothie — cha ching — success!

When I’m looking to make a smoothie my train of thought usually goes something like this…


“What do I have to thicken my smoothie?”

(banana, mango, papaya, chia seeds)

Riverstone Studios - Off-Grid Living

Riverstone Studios – Chia Seeds Wooden Spoon

“add more fruit “

(strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, oranges, pineapple, etc.)

Riverstone Studios - Off-Grid Living

Riverstone Studios – Papaya, Oranges, Bananas & Fresh Ginger

“next goes in LOTS of greens”

(spinach, dandelion, lambs quarters, baby kale, green algae)

Riverstone Studios - Off-Grid Living

Riverstone Studios – Wild Dandelion and Swiss Chard


(cacao, vanilla bean, coconut flakes, berries (goji, raspberries, cranberries), nuts (almonds, walnuts, pecans, cashews), seeds (pumpkin, sunflower, chia), hemp hearts, fresh ginger or , maca powder, protein powder, etc)

Riverstone Studios - Off-Grid Living

Riverstone Studios – Dried Nuts & Seeds

“and finally, top it up with juice, water or milk”

(orange, beet, or carrot juice, coconut water, filtered tap water, coconut milk or Home-made Almond Milk).

Riverstone Studios - Off-Grid Living

Riverstone Studios – Home-Made Almond Milk

…blend and enjoy!


…the rest is up to your imagination and willingness to be creative! There really are no rules as to how to make the best smoothie. Our favourite smoothies came out of common ingredients we have in our home or in season. Remember … Keep It Simple and Enjoy Life!

When I first started making smoothies every day I searched the web and found recipes to get into the swing of things. In many ways I needed a basic idea to start from before I felt confident. Now I love it when we gather stuff in our kitchen and start something from scratch…it is not the way I am used to doing things…but in a lot of ways, I am un-learning…to learn a fresh.


What are some of your favourite smoothie concoctions?


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