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Our Story

A few years ago, we made a discovery that would forever change how we viewed the products we bought. Googling the names of the ingredients on a baby shampoo we were using on our kids, we were horrified to find that 3 of the ingredients were known to be cancer causing, 2 more were suspected carcinogens and 1 was known to cause sterility in boys. I wish we could say it was only this one soap…but everytime we read the ingredients on another bottle of “something” in our house, we kept finding the same toxic chemicals.

From that point on, we began making our own products – simple, pure, natural. What we discovered in the process is that this is no easy task. It’s actually quite difficult to make a natural product that looks good, feels good, has a shelf life AND…..ACTUALLY WORKS! We love what we do and we love sharing and empowering others to live healthier, more vibrant lives. Imagine going to work each day knowing that what you do directly impacts the health and well-being of others in a positive way? Who wouldn’t jump out of bed?


Making Deodorant - Riverstone Studios

How it’s made

60 – 100% of what is applied to your skin is absorbed directly into your body. Unlike ingestion, what absorbs through the skin immediately enters the blood where it circulates through your entire body causing damage until eventually being filtered out by the liver and kidneys. This makes our job of sourcing ingredients very simple – If we wouldn’t put it in our mouths, we wouldn’t make a product from it! If you can’t eat it – don’t wear it!

We’ve also learned through experience that certifications can be very lax and the bar is set low enough that even a majority of the big suppliers can be certified with little effort. Where possible, we always use virgin and organic ingredients but our first choice of supply is with suppliers we are in a relationship with. It is the most important certification out there. We judge suppliers on their whole reputation and not just on one product they sell. A company selling cigarettes AND stop smoking patches in our view is an oxymoron. The same can be said about a company that sells organic along with products well known to be toxic. As much as possible we know where and how the ingredients are made. What country they came from, how many hands touched them along the way to our door, and in some cases, we actually have tea with the farmers who grew them. For us, that is the best certification available.



Riverstone StudiosWhere it’s Made

We live, work, teach and play completely off grid close to beautiful Craik, Saskatchewan, Canada.  Overlooking the edge of the Arm River Valley, we make every product in our Studio and Home constructed from straw bales. We produce 100% of our power from sun and wind and use every drop of water we capture and purify right off our roof. We even heat our home by helping Mother Nature clean up. Each fall we clear out the dead trees on a parcel of wooded land which we then use for firewood all winter long.






Kelly n Audrey

Why Buy From Us?

Actually, what is more important to us is ensuring you read the ingredients and NOT the front labels of all products. Regardless of what the front label says, question every ingredient – especially if you can’t pronounce it. If you don’t know – Google it! Be informed and be wise. Choose to do better for your own family and stick with it – that changes the inheritance for the next generation and your little ripple has a huge effect. That is what’s most important.

We make really good, honest, simple, effective, long lasting, healthy, products and we appreciate when people support us, but the truth is, we want you to be empowered. Look at the products in your home. Ask questions – Ask US – we like answering questions from people like “Why do most commercial hand lotions have anti-freeze in them?” or “Why is paint thinner used in cooking oil” and other curious little things like that! Don’t be fooled by “Green” labels. Be empowered and start making positive changes that will affect your well being into the decades to come.


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