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Raw Almond Nutella

Riverstone Studios - Raw Almond Nutella

Raw Almond Nutella is easy to make, not to mention nutritious and satisfying for that chocolate crave!

Wondering through the kitchen this afternoon looking for a quick snack, I grabbed a banana and almond nut butter. As I passed the counter, I spotted the jar of carob chips…my thoughts flashed back to just a few days ago in the grocery store where I found a jar of Almond Chocolate Spread similar to Nutella on the shelf.

“I can make that,” I thought to myself.

So I did!

Plan A:

First I tried mixing cocoa in the jar of almond butter. Too difficult.

Plan B:

I wanted to add raw cacao beans…they need to be ground I threw them in my Vitamix. I scooped the almond butter into my mixing bowl and attempted to add the freshly ground cacao…not happening!! There was finely ground cacao everywhere inside the Vitamix…there was no way to scrape it out without wasting a lot of cacao. I suddenly realized that I was dirtying every appliance and bowl in my kitchen for my “quick snack”!

Time for Plan C:

We teach our children that failing only means that you’ve discovered one way that didn’t work…ok, make that two!

So I scraped the almond butter AND the ground cacao into my Vitamix, added some carob chips and coconut palm sugar and blended them all together in my amazing Vitamix. Taste test… needed more palm sugar and cocoa…blend, blend, blend…perfect!

Can’t beat the REAL thing!


Raw Almond Nutella

Raw Almond Butter

Raw Cacao, ground

Cocoa, ground

Organic Coconut Palm Sugar (or other natural sweetener of choice)

Carob chips or ground

Blend almond butter with cacao, cocoa, sweetener and carob in Vitamix or food processor. Adjust sweetness and chocolate flavours to your liking. Store refrigerated in a sealed jar or container.

Hunger now satisfied with a nutritious raw snack…now it’s time to get back to work!

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