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Raw Strawberry Cheesecake


The last time I had cheesecake was 12 years ago! I was fully aware that dairy products made me really really sick but I wanted to forget the truth – just for one day. It was my birthday after all and I deserved to eat whatever I wanted on MY birthday!! So, I enjoyed every single bite of that beautiful creamy cake (and downed it with at least 4 “milk pills” as I called them!) with hopes that reality was just a bad dream! Well, it was definitely a memorable birthday – I WAS SOOO SICK! I have not touched even a morsel of cheesecake since!

Until today!

This past year, our family is ventured into the world of whole, natural, “raw” foods. It has taken me a while to prepare my pantry so that I would be ready with a delicious dessert for any occasion. Today is the occasion and I AM READY!!!

This recipe is sooo easy! I whipped this up in about 1/2 hour and after sufficient sampling we’ve got two thumbs up from the tribe. Tomorrow evening we are enjoying the company of good friends and good food!

You can find the recipe at


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