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Red Pepper Cilantro Green Juice

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WoW! This is really great green juice!

We try to make a green juice at least once a day. Ironically, we usually end up making it for breakfast – Yes, vegetables for breakfast – believe us! It works! Green Juice then coffee and on with a busy day.


Red Pepper Cilantro Green Juice (or Cilantro Red Pepper Green Juice…either way!)

3 c. fresh spinach or kale

2 large cucumbers

4 carrots

1 red bell pepper

1 handful fresh cilantro

5 stocks of celery

  • makes 2-8oz glasses


Watch how we make our Red Pepper Cilantro Green Juice here:

Nutritional Values (Based on daily values of standard 2000 calorie diet)  Note: This information is meant for a rough guideline only and % varies based on your own individual need for calorie intake as well as variance in nutritional values of the fruits and vegetables themselves)

Each 8oz (250 ml) glass contains:

130 calories

830% Vitamin A

100% Vitamin C

18% Vitamin B

17% Magnesium

15% Iron

10% Calcium

7% Protein

What is your favorite green juice? Leave your comment below…


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