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With a genuine desire to understand how we homeschool, people often ask us the following question:

1. “How do you teach your children

if you don’t copy public school at home?”


It is never easy to answer a question like this. Mostly because as homeschooling parents we are very critical of ourselves. This is the most important job we could ever have! The outcome affects future generations! Our children’s lives and the lives of everyone they impact. So needless to say, I usually hum and haw, trying to figure out how to best answer this one!

Everyday life

All the time!

This is how we do it …

It is a beautiful fall day on the Saskatchewan prairies. Our two boys (Matt 14, Josh 11) are running around outside, playing with friends or petting the cats, or observing the chickens, or climbing trees or light saber battling on the mound of clay that will be used to build our strawbale home.

Kelly climbs off of the roof of the house we are building, comes into the house to grab a glass of water and calls the boys in so he can ask them a question…

“Who can tell me how to find the area of a circle?” 

Both boys answered with what they know (parts of the correct answer).

Matthew, please Google ‘area of a circle formula’.

When the boys recognize the formula, Kelly reminds them that Pi is that magical number that is the same for every single circle…

Divide the circumference by the diameter and you will always get 3.14159265359, regardless of the size of your circle, Kelly reminds them.

Kelly then gave the calculator to Josh and told him the radius we have left to shingle was 17 feet…

Josh calculated the area remaining with Dad’s help.

“Matt, if we have 907 sq ft to go and a bundle of shingles covers 32 sq ft, how many bundles do we need to purchase?”

Matt took the calculator from Josh and divided 907 by 32…

“28” he said as a matter of fact!


Mom makes a mental note for Today’s Periodic Log Entry:

Practical Division – review & application – check

Trigonometry – review & application – check

Geometry – review & application – check

Education – check!!


Riverstone Studios

Riverstone Studios -Children LOVE learning


Life is chalked FULL of experiences, lessons and yes, even tests.

But it is the LOVE of LIFE that gives us the courage, determination, and stamina to work through life’s tests!

THAT is the education we desire for our children!


Sending you much LOVE and JOY for each moment in your LIFE,



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