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When Medicine Can’t Fix You

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On the day of his 14th birthday, rather than celebrating with friends, our teen spent it low key on the couch hooked to a intravenous pump for an hour. After 6 months of oral antibiotics, a systemic infection meant his summer vacation got to be cut short with a 10 day pause for IV antibiotics…in addition, after the IV comes out, he is looking at the rest of the summer for full recovery (if the antibiotics actually work that is)

Sometimes modern medicine isn’t the answer, but neither will betting on a natural wonder product.  My wife and I began making and selling natural body care and natural remedy products when our kids were still toddlers. We set out on a goal to be holistic and chemical free in our life. We wanted to give our family the best fighting chance for a healthy and vibrant life and in doing so, share our knowledge and products with others.

One of the key reasons for this was that our son was born with a condition that destroyed his urinary system from top to bottom before he was even born. This carnage of destruction is the aftermath of a tiny blockage while still in utero and living life differently is the medal of honour he gets to proudly wear now for the rest of his life.  His life (and ours) is filled with catheters, drain tubes, three surgeries to date, UTI’s and hydronephrosis. The point of all this is not to lay out a sad sob story, but to encourage you on your own journey.

Many people we’ve come to know that are on a journey of holistic healing have a “us and them” mentality – that is that everything in the medical profession is bad and that nature has everything we require for perfect health. What we’re here to say (in our own opinion) is that there is a happy balance of both. If you are struggling trying to get away from the current cornucopia of drugs, take heart. Do what you can. Eat healthy – find a diet that works for your body’s needs, do simple things. Get rid of chemical cleaners and scented products in your home. Start using natural products on your largest organ – your skin. And don’t break the bank doing it – buy a tub of extra virgin coconut oil and use it for everything from moisturising to brushing your teeth. READ THE INGREDIENTS – if you can’t pronounce it, then it doesn’t belong in your home! Keep it simple and rejoice in the small health gains you make.

Does this philosophy really work? Well, for myself, I dropped from 205 lbs to 168 lbs. I just renewed my life insurance and my premiums dropped because my medical tests came back “better than average” for my age group. After struggling for years with our son being in the 5th percentile for size and growth, in one year after adopting this way of life, he landed in the 85th percentile. At a show we were selling our products at, a woman looked at our selection then looked at my 45 year old wife and said, “Give me whatever you use. You have beautiful skin!”  In our family, the gains are huge.

Medicine most times can’t and won’t fix you, and taking a pill will never be a solution…but neither will essential oils, copious amounts of Aloe Vera, Noni Juice, Chaga, Alkyd Water,  or any other individual ingredient or Multi-Level Marketing product. Now before you start getting your knickers in a knot, know that all of them have benefits and uses. It’s about the whole picture and not just one element. Don’t expect miracle cures from anything that comes in a bottle and don’t expect the medical profession to fix you if your idea of exercise and balanced food is reaching for the phone to order a pizza. Embrace life and the loved ones you have in it. Experience nature – first hand rather than by watching a documentary and make positive changes for your life. Know that there is a time and a place for the medical system AND holistic natural remedies, and at all times, treat your body as if it was one-of-a-kind that couldn’t be replaced – Give yourself only the best food, the best rest, and the best “me time”. The medical system is there for emergencies, holistic healing is 24/7 – 365 and it doesn’t come in a bottle – it begins and ends with what you put in and on your body, what you allow in your thoughts, and your outlook on the future or your “faith”…thus the term “holistic, natural health”.    – Kelly

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