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Toxins Around Us – What’s Absorbing You?

Did you know the largest organ in your body is actually outside of your body? Your skin, which we all take for granted as a tough little coating of armour that protects us from all the bad nasty’s we throw at our body actually works more like a sponge than a barrier. In a Universtity of Pittsburgh graduate study from 1984 (YES! 28 years ago) researchers found absorbsion rates of chemicals to the skin to be shockingly high. Chlorine, in particular ranged in test subjects from 29% to as high as 91% absorbsion. Researchers found that test subjects received more chlorine in their blood stream through absorbsion than by ingestion and inhalation combined. With the bombardment of commonly found chemicals researchers tested, the results averaged between 40 – 60% absorbsion. These average absorption rates were close to 100% for genital and armpit regions.

So what does this mean for all of us? Stop treating your body like a garbage filter and start treating it like a shrine. Our family discovered a neat little secret about a year ago when we started putting Oregano Essential Oil on the soles of our feet for treating colds. Within 10 minutes of applying the oil to the crusty, calloused, thick little poochy pads we carry ourselves around on, everyone experienced the same strange phenonomen…Burp! Yes, believe it or not, everyone in our family tastes the flavour of oregano in the back of our mouths and were burping up oregano. Don’t believe it? Try it!

To sum it all up. When you read ingredient labels and start researching what chemical concoctions are in your soaps, lotions, pit sticks and other body products, remember that you are what you apply. That silky smooth hand cream will be helping moisturize your kidneys a few hours from now…and what doesn’t come out – stays in. Need we say more?


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