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Let it Go Japa Mala
  • Let it Go Japa Mala

Mala - Let It Go

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Gorgeous Light Mahogany Wood Mala, with Black Onyx Guru (Mountain) and White Quartz markers, finished with a handmade Egyptian Black Cotton tassel.

108 beaded Japa Mala


Let It Go Mala

To release... to liberate... to offer relief... to set free... to pardon... to forgive... to offer mercy... to let go.

I am learning to let go. Let go of negative thoughts, self-condemnation, excuses and so much more. Instead, I walk in a calm, inner strength that allows me to live with determination, focus, and self-discipline that brings harmony to my mind, body, and spirit.

I may be clothed in grief and loss for a time, and as I lean into Love's embrace, I will weep, rest and heal.

As the Sun peeks through the darkness, I will shake off these sorrowful rags, and leave this lonely cave. I will rise up. I will rise up with new focus, purpose, harmony and unwavering joy... like the first prairie crocus in spring.

I am restored and strengthened, ready to live my wildest dreams!

Gemstones, Beads & Tassels:

Black Onyx - Inner Strength, Focus, Willpower, Self-mastery, Discipline, Confidence, Alignment, Balance

White Quartz - Restoring, Balancing, Harmony, Clarity, Focus

Handmade Tassel - 100% Egyptian Cotton - Divine Wisdom, Connection to each other and to the Divine, Oneness

Mahogany Wood - Spirituality, Growth, Guidance, Emotional and Spiritual Healing

Silk Cording - 100% Silk Cord - Spiritual Truth, Acceptance of one's spiritual life and destiny

About This Mala:

Egyptian Black Cotton Tassel, Black Onyx Guru (Mountain) beads, White Quartz markers, and Light Mahogany Wood beaded Japa Mala.

108 beads at 8mm each.

Hangs 49.5cm (19.5 inches).

Complementary Muslin Bag included!

Find a Harmonious Mind, Body & Spirit

* Handmade * In Canada * With Love *

* This product and information are based on our personal experience and research and is not to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. The results are the sole responsibility of the wearer. Handmade by Audrey Taylor-Faye, Riverstone Studios, Saskatchewan, Canada


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