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About us

Our company

Riverstone Studios - Handcrafted, small batch, natural products. Every item is thoughtfully prepared and packaged for you in our off-grid straw bale studio, powered by wind and solar.

You shouldn't need a chemical engineering degree to read the list of ingredients. We have a simple rule around here: If you can't pronounce it, don't put the crap on your skin!

We believe in healthy abundant living. What you put on your skin, in your body and surround yourself with - are all connected. You can find out more about us on our blog, Youtube, and social media

If you can't pronounce it, then don't put the crap on your skin!

Kelly & Audrey

Our team of two

Kelly and Audrey Taylor-Faye

"There needs to be a change in how we take care of our health. That change begins with us. Our next generation is counting on it." - Kelly & Audrey


I purchased your deodorant and LOVE it. We told my sister-in-law about it and she ordered it. My mom now loves it too. A great product almost speaks for itself! Keep up the great Work!

Cathy Burnell, MB

Please continue your great work! I am sure your business will continue to grow and flourish as more and more people realize the value of quality, non-toxic products and how important they are to our overall health!

Lisa Timmer, SK