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What do I do with my containers / How do I recycle them?

All of our products can be recycled through city / municipal mainstream recycling programs. As much as possible, we do not use mixed materials so recycling is simple. Caps of dropper bottles are made from Polypropylene with a recycling number of 5. Our tins are...well tin (metal) and our glass jars and bottles are of course glass.  The screw lids of the jarred products are the only exception to mixed material and consist of Polypropylene with a metal casing and foam seal. The best recycling spot for these are with metal.

Why glass and tin. Isn't there bamboo or more environmentally friendly cardboard packaging options?

Although there are other packaging options available, our heart is to ensure we are giving our customers the best for their health. We've long looked at all sorts of packaging, including bamboo and biodegradable plastics and cardboard, but unfortunately, these options either consist of other materials that don't degrade down nicely or contain plastic bag or sprayed liners which would leech toxins into the products. In every way we ensure we look out for our customer's health as the highest priority.

Can I ship my empty containers back to you?

Yes, but we prefer if you use local recycling depots. The cost of freight and packaging for returning the container combined with the costs of sterilizing and relabelling/resealing the container outweighs the benefits of doing it. We have looked many times at this option and always come back to the same conclusion - use less packaging, and use containers that recycle easily.  

Health Canada & Safety

Are Your Products Registered with Health Canada?

Our products are registered with Health Canada under the Cosemetics Act and the registration numbers are listed on each product page. Soaps do not require registration. 

Are Your Products Safe?

Yes! We believe if you can't pronounce the ingredients, you shouldn't use them on your body. Most of the ingredients we use are what you would find in your own kitchen. In fact, we go out of our way to ensure the raw ingredients are of the highest standard - set by you. Every ingredient is certified NON GMO and where possible we use Organic. If we can't source organic, we support small farmers who do not use chemicals on the crops. Knowing who grows the ingredients is the BEST certification ever! 

We also use essential oils. These are the highly concentrated versions of the plant's oil. Essential Oils can be extremely beneficial - in small quantities. We take great care to ensure our blends are at proper dilution rates for topical application and stand by Health Canada in stating Essential Oils are not for ingestion - ever! Essential Oils are classified as VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and in over-use, can cause severe sensitivities.


What Taxes Will I Be Charged On My Order?

As a Canadian business, we are required by law to collect GST, PST, RST, and HST for each province based on the shipping address of the order. The only exception is BC in which we are required to collect GST only at this time. The $5 shipping fee is sold as a product and is also taxable at the same rate.

If you are purchasing from the USA, GOOD NEWS! Our Canadian taxes do not apply to you - but we are also not responsible for any duties or import fees that may be incurred by you purchasing from Canada as we have no control over foreign fees.


How long before I receive my order?

If you live in Canada, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba destinations are usually 3 day delivery. BC and the rest of Canada is usually 5 business days. For our friends in the USA, 6-10 business days. We ship only by Canada Post for several reasons. Reduced shipping rates, reliability, care for the packages and their ability to deliver to PO boxes in more remote areas are just a few.